5 Ways to Get Ready for Your Next Swimwear Shoot

If you're interested in being a swimwear model then you might be wondering how you can make the most of your photo shoots in this genre, so here are some quick tips that will help you look your best as you prepare for your next beach shoot! Check out these five ways to up your swimwear modeling game.

1. Skin Care

While getting as tan as possible might seem tempting, this is not necessary, nor is it the healthiest option for obtaining the healthy glow that you and your photographer are looking to achieve in your photos. If you have enough time before your shoot, you can achieve a natural tan gradually by laying out in 30 minute intervals if you don't already have a base tan. I do not recommend getting a sunburn before your shoot! Even my multiracial skin gets burnt if I'm out in the sun too long. You'll want to start by taking care of your skin from the inside out with a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, and exfoliating (especially the spots that tend to get get rough, dry, and create an uneven skin tone like your feet, elbows, and knees.) The rest can be done by using a quality self tanner like the one below or using a tanning booth. For a subtle reflective sheen, which works great as a natural highlighter on the body, I always like to bring along this spray (also shown in photo below). It's used for hair, but works great on skin, spreads evenly, and smells great too! Use these two things on the day of your shoot and you and your photographer will be sure to notice the difference!

Check out this video by swimwear model Eryn Krouse to see how she takes care of her body and skin to stay looking her best on camera!

2. Hair

NO matter your hair type, if you live in Florida, then you already know that humidity and wind is going to affect your style, so it's best to stick with the most natural hairstyles possible. If your hair is naturally curly or fine textured, then this is the case even more so. Pay attention to hairstyles worn by swimsuit models in magazines like Sports Illustrated or in Victoria's Secret catalogs. In most cases it is worn down, so that is how you should arrive to your shoot. If your photographer wants you to pull your hair back, he/she will bring that up during the shoot, but I don't recommend showing up to a swimwear shoot with your hair pulled back tightly. You want your hair to be able to move freely and have some volume. You can expect it to fall flat at some point during your shoot, but that is ok! There are always tricks to liven your hair back up while shooting. Oh, and if you do show up with your hair in a loose top bun, don't forget to take that hair tie off of your wrist before the shoot starts! You'll save your photographer a lot of editing time and get your photos quicker ;)

3. Nails