Senior Portrait Tips

Congratulations on reaching a huge milestone! Whether you're graduating from high school or from college, this is such an exciting time and well deserving of being captured in beautiful photographs for you and your loved ones to look back on. That is why I feel the need to share some tips that will have you looking your absolute best for your senior photo session.

1. Hair, Skin, & Nails

Makeup: You will not want to skip this part! Whether you are used to doing your own makeup everyday or not, trust me when I say that makeup is different when it comes to photos! If it's in the budget, have a professional do some natural looking makeup to accentuate your natural beauty. They will know just how to make you look photo-ready without overdoing it and you won't have to stress out wondering if your makeup looks right before your photo session. If you need a referral, Aesthetics Reimagined and Betsy's Pro Makeup Artistry both do a lovely job and they are local!

Senior Photography Matanzas High School, Palm Coast

If you prefer to do your own makeup, then apply it a little bit heavier than you normally would. Try using foundation primer underneath your makeup! If you already have flawless skin, you don't want to go too heavy on the foundation. Just make sure you bring a little touch-up kit for your lips and something to blot any shiny areas on your skin.

Speaking of your skin, make sure you stay hydrated and don't stay out in the sun too long the week of your session. Sunburn and tan lines are hard to ignore in photos and you want your retouching to look as natural as possible. I would recommend sticking to your normal skincare routine until after your session.

Hair: Everyone's hair is different, but a couple of things you don't want to do is get a new haircut or try out a new color the week of your session. If you don't like how it turns out then you won't be completely satisfied with your photos either. Otherwise, if you just need your hair styled, I recommend setting up an appointment with your stylist for the day of our session if possible. If your hair poofs up in humidity and we're shooting outdoors on a warm day, then you may want to wear your hair pinned back or let your stylist know so that he/she can use the appropriate styling products to keep your hair tame