An Impromptu Kid Session

One of my favorite things about photography is capturing the smiles of children...and not the kind that result from a command to "say cheese" or "smile for the camera", but the wonderfully organic smiles that come from within. Another one of my favorite things is being a mom! My Averie can be a little ham in front of the camera when she wants to be, but let's face it, she is still a 5 year-old... and sometimes that requires thinking outside the box a bit; like putting my adult-size sunglasses on her little face because she decided she didn't want mom to take any more pictures after an exhausting 5 minutes of modeling ;) I took these shots just after picking her up from school last week. T

Meet Gurmeet

From my first phone conversation with Gurmeet, I just knew she was going to be a wonderful person to work with during our photo session. Her beauty practically radiated through the phone and when we met she wore the most stunning dress the color of the sea with sparkling gold detail; perfect for photos on the beach. She even brought reading material for me to read as she changed into her next amazing look. The books she brought along were full of the most lovely illustrations and beautiful heartfelt stories written by no other than Gurmeet Kaur, herself! See, what she didn't mention in our phone conversation is that she writes children's books. As I sat and read, I imagined my 5 year old

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