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Ashley & Eran's Vow Renewal

After ten years of marriage, Ashley and Eran renewed their vows at the lovely Victorian Cedar House Inn located in famously historic St Augustine, Florida. As if that is not special enough, they are also expecting their first baby girl, Emma! Little Emma has one tough mama and not just because she is 7 months pregnant and killing it in a pair of heels, but because she is a woman who represents perseverance. A wise woman once told me, "it's not what happens to you in life, it's how you handle it." Ashley & Eran's love for each other is the perfect representation of that motto.

In life, sometimes things can happen that change us forever. We may never go back to the person we were before, but perhaps we're not meant to. After all, what would be the point if not to change and grow from our experiences? And when you find someone who loves and accepts you as you are and wants to experience that growth with you, then you hold on tight and never let go. As my husband, John, and I approach our 9th year in marriage this year, meeting couples like these makes me excited about the future. Congratulations Ashley & Eran on finding that kind of love in one another because that is the true kind! May you continue to live happily ever after in your marriage together and as a family!

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