Headshots for Professional Women & What to Wear

September 20, 2017

Headshots may be the most basic way to photograph someone, but not every headshot session is treated in the same way.  When booking a headshot session, it's important to think about how the shots are going to be used.  Who is your viewing audience and what do you want to say about yourself in your photos?  This will help determine what you should wear to your session.  One thing I can almost guarantee is that if you are booking a headshot session, it is because people need to associate a face with whatever it is you do.  That being said, a good first impression is paramount.  So, let's start with the most common reason people come to me for headshots along with this short slideshow of examples.


 Professional Headshots





Professional headshots should tell your clients that you are a professional, so you don't want to show up to your shoot in your favorite t-shirt or halter top.  In fact, it's important to wear something with a sleeve whether it's 3/4 length or full.  Blazers and cardigans are always a good option for both men and women, but there are many fashionable tops and dresses that look great all by themselves.  Do make sure clothing is free of lint and wrinkles.  Ladies, we have more options when it comes to necklines on clothing, so make sure yours is work appropriate.  One thing I've witnessed is that us women can be super critical of our own looks.  If you are self conscious about your arms, downplay that with a fitted blazer or a blouse with lose-fitting sleeves.  Instead, focus on another feature like your hair or eyes.  If you're really not sure what to wear, you can try doing a Google search on what professionals in your field are wearing on the job or for a job interview.  Pinterest always has great wardrobe ideas that are body type specific.  Just remember that only the top half of your body is being photographed and in most cases just your head and shoulders so don't stress too much about shoes.  Heck, show up in flip flops if that's what you're comfortable in!  The most important thing is that your wardrobe flatters your body and that you choose colors that flatter your skin tone.






In a perfect world, we would all have our own makeup artist and hair stylist and I know a few who I can recommend for our session.  If that's not in your budget, I highly recommend attending one of my free events where you can give yourself a makeover with some great makeup products and it's all hosted by my beauty consultant friends.  We have one every month!  However, if you're already set with your own makeup and you're really looking to focus on that one-on-one session time, then I am happy to help and you'll be feeling like a model by the time we're done!  If that's the case, then here are my suggestions for you:

Makeup should be natural, but don't be afraid to wear a little more than you normally would. If you have small eyes there are makeup tricks for making them appear wider, but don't overdo it or your eyes can disappear.   

Know how you are going to wear your hair and if necessary have your ends trimmed a few days or a week beforehand.  If you get a completely new haircut, practice styling it to figure out what will look best.  Hair should be neat and kept away from your eyes, but this does not mean it has to be pulled back with a hair tie or clip.  We can do that during the shoot if it becomes necessary.  If you have a great haircut, flaunt it!  I sometimes like to play with my clients' hair because I may see something you can not see.  It doesn't mean I don't like your hair or you did it wrong, but I may have an idea and then show it to you during our session.






The key to a great shoot is planning, so take the time to choose your wardrobe in advance so that you are not stuck throwing something together at the last minute.  That includes having earrings or necklace already picked out as well.   Always get plenty of rest the night before any photo shoot for best results!  I can whiten teeth, reduce shiny skin, and even smooth frizz, but if you show up looking and feeling exhausted I can not guarantee you won't look tired in your photos.  Last but not least...practice in the mirror!  Yes, I said it.  I'm giving you permission to be vain!  Play with your hair and turn your head to either side.  Most of us do not have perfectly symmetrical faces, so you may find that you have a "good side".  Mine is my left because I like the left side of my nose better than the right side.  It sounds crazy saying that out loud and that just proves once again how critical us women are about our looks.


Well ladies, I hope this information has been helpful in planning your professional headshot session.  If you have any questions of your own regarding professional headshots, please feel free to comment below and thanks for checking out my blog post!  Be sure to check back soon for tips on glamour and modeling headshots!





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