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Behind the Lens

I'm Tiffany Katz, a portrait photographer based in Palm Coast, Florida.  In 2010 I decided to give up my Air Force career and trade in my M4 rifle for a Nikon.  I graduated with my Associate's degree in Photography from Daytona State College and in 2013 I officially went into business as a portrait photographer.  While I've dabbled in different fields of photography since then, my passion and expertise forever lies in creating portraits.  

I embrace the creative process of producing a great image.  This means that I am involved in each aspect of the shoot and make each photograph personal by working on it from choosing the perfect shoot location, to editing your final images.  My goal is to make you look like a natural, so  I encourage lots of movement and interaction during your session.  Since photography is my passion, you will never feel rushed during a photo session with me even though I am able to wrap up most portrait sessions in under an hour.

More About Me:

*I was born in Brooklyn, NY 

*I moved to Palm Coast in 2000

*I love music and the outdoors

*Joanna Gaines is my spirit animal

*I dabbled in modeling and acting

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